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About Water Pearls


Water Pearls

Yanling Guben Dan延齡固本丹

General Support:

Chronic, Reproductive, Urinary, Immune, Endocrine, Fertility, Cardiovascular, Neurological

Formula Family:

Overall Warming, Warming and Moistening with Rehmannia

Organ Systems:

Bladder, Kidney, Liver, Lung, Spleen

Six Stages:

Shaoyin, Taiyin



Water Pearls complements Classical Pearls' trademark aconite approach to chronic Spleen/Kidney weakness with a rehmannia based remedy. Its design is based on the 17th century Daoist remedy Yanling Guben Dan (Extend Life and Fortify the Source Pellet), a food grade tonic that represents an extension of the classical 2nd century formula Shenqi Wan (Kidney Qi Pill). It is overall more moistening than the constitutional Kidney tonics that feature aconite as their chief ingredient. Water Pearls are suitable for chronic Kidney deficiency issues and overall anti-aging effect.

Therapeutic Principles

  • Tonify qi of Kidney, Liver, and Lung
  • Tonify and astringe prenatal essence
  • Warm the Kidney and disinhibit stagnating water
  • Invigorate sluggish qi and blood circulation in pelvic region

Formula Ingredients

生地黃Sheng DihuangRehmannia, raw

Yanling Guben Dan (Ming dynasty essence tonic) Shenqi Wan, Jisheng SHenqi Wan, Mai Wei Dihuang Wan, Wuzi Yanzong

熟地黃 (酒蒸)Shu DihuangRehmanni