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Tiger Pearls

Taohe Wenpi Tang桃核溫脾湯

General Support:

Chronic, Digestive, Metabolic, Anti-Mass

Formula Family:

Warming and Consolidating with Aconite; Simultaneously Warming Deficient Yang Qi while Clearing Toxic Heat; Transform Toxic Stasis with Rhubarb

Organ Systems:

Kidney, Large Intestine, Spleen, Stomach

Six Stages:

Taiyin, Yangming, Shaoyin


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About Tiger Pearls

Tiger Pearls are designed to offer a constitutional approach to chronic bowel stagnation in middle-aged and elderly patients. Generally, TCM doctrine regards bowel stagnation issues as a combination of yangming heat and metal dryness, requiring purgative action with cooling and moistening ingredients, i.e. Maziren Wan (Hemp Seed Pill). However, most patients suffering from chronic bowel stagnation tend to be elderly, thyroid deficient, and exhibit poor bowel motility. Tiger Pearls employ Sun Simiao’s 7th century remedy Wenpi Tang (Warm the Spleen Decoction) to “restart” the system, by embedding the purgative power of rhubarb in an environment of herbs that gently warm the Spleen and the Kidney. The 2nd century remedy Taohe Chengqi Tang (Peach Pit Decoction to Order the Qi) increases blood circulation in the intestinal walls, ensures elimination of cellular waste, and prevents degenerative processes.

Therapeutic Principles

  • Transform Blood stasis in lower burner
  • Soften and disperse masses and accumulations in pelvic region
  • Resolve toxic lesions in urino-genital tract
  • Invigorate mingmen fire to boost vitality and immune status of the body’s lower regions

Formula Ingredients

附子 (竹刀削, 蒸制)FuziAconite; peeled with bamboo knife, steam cured

Wenpi Tang

乾姜GanjiangGinger; dried
桂枝 (尖)GuizhiCinnamon twig

Taohe Chengqi Tang

赤芍ChishaoPeony, red
芒硝 (蘿蔔制)MangxiaoMirabilitum; radish cured
桃仁 (清炒)TaorenPersica seed; dry fried
甘草 (棗花蜜炙)Zhi GancaoLicorice; jujube flower honey baked
何首烏 (黑豆制)HeshouwuHeshouwu; black bean curedmoisten Large Intestine, Kidney, Liver; balance drying herbs

Tiger Pearls

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