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Supren Oral Drops | Pekana
SUPREN oral drops - Adrenal fatigue due to dysfunction of the adrenal glands is widespread in modern society. This condition can have severe implications for the health of the afflicted patient. As a result, it is imperative that adrenal fatigue be addressed with a natural remedy that does not cause any side effect. SUPREN oral drops help regulate proper adrenal function.*

Stimulates proper hormone production, while also detoxifying, strengthening and stimulating the adrenal glands*

This medication also can be combined with NEU-regen and PSY-stabil to address mental and physical exhaustion.*


Supren Oral Drops | Pekana

Acidum arsenicosum 12X, Acidum sulfuricum 8X, Chamaelirium luteum 12X, Hydrastis canadensis 12X, Kreosotum 12X, Lemna minor 12X, Magnesium fluoratum 12X, Silicea 12X



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