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About Sugar Pearls

Sugar Pearls is designed to treat entrenched metabolic issues. It is also suitable to treat chronic conditions of the Liver and eyes. From a clinical perspective, conditions of blood sugar imbalance are complex and involve pathological changes in many different organ systems. Spleen yang collapse is addressed by the classical remedy Fuzi Lizhong Wan (Rectify the Middle Pill with Aconite), while Stomach and Lung yin depletion are moistened with the well-known 13th century formula Shengmai San (Generate the Pulse Powder). In addition, stagnant heat in the Liver and Small Intestine axis is purged with a variety of herbs that have long been employed by Chinese folk herbalists for the treatment of blood sugar disorders. Laportea, a Chinese nettle species, represents a rare Daoist folk remedy that can treat various forms of dysglycemia. Finally, blood moving herbs enhance microcirculation and prevent tissue degeneration.

Therapeutic Principles

  • Reduce cellular toxicity, improve microcirculation, and prevent cellular degeneration by tonifying Spleen/Stomach qi, clearing Liver heat, moving Blood and nourishing yin

Formula Ingredients

附子 (竹刀削, 蒸制)FuziAconite; peeled w/ bamboo knife, steam cured

Fuzi Lizhong Tang

西洋參XiyangshenAmerican ginseng
炮姜 (砂燙)PaojiangGinger; sand roasted
白朮 (米蒸)BaizhuAtractylodes, white; rice steamed

Shengmai San

五味子 (酒蒸)WuweiziSchisandra; wine steamed
(越南) 肉桂RouguiCinnamon bark, Vietnam

Taohe Chengqi Tang plus: clear diabetic toxicity, promote microcirculation, prevent tissue degeneration

桃仁 (清炒)TaorenPersica seed; dry fried
決明子JuemingziCassia seed
梔子 (清炒)ZhiziGardenia; dry fried

stabilize blood sugar level


Sugar Pearls Classical Pearls

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