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Ricura spag. drops | Pekana Homeopathic Remedy

For treatment of rhinitis and sinusitis.

RICURA drops treat rhinitis, acute and chronic sinusitis and inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. This medication stimulates the immune system, acts as a disinfectant and natural antimicrobial, activates the mucous membranes to aid excretion of toxins and prevents nasal infection from spreading to other parts of the head, such as the ears.

In cases of chronic sinusitis, TOXEX drops should always be prescribed together with RICURA drops for a minimum of four (4) months to alleviate severe symptoms, such as loss of sense of smell, vision problems and chronic headaches and ensure adequate systemic excretion of released toxins.

Chronic sinusitis and rhinitis generally are caused by a systemic intoxification. If a patient constantly suffers from head infections, the primary excretion organs, such as the kidneys and intestines, have most likely become overburdened or incapacitated by toxins and can no longer carry out their proper functions.

A primary cause may be heavy metal intoxification, such as mercury in amalgam dental fillings, combined with a severe dysbiosis of the gastrointestinal tract. Although this heavy toxic load may result in only a slow intoxification in some patients, it can prove absolutely devastating to others, leading to severe reduction in enzymatic processes and impaired intercellular and intracellular exchange of information -- conditions that can lay the foundation for development of chronic illnesses such as Multiple sclerosis, diabetes and Parkinson's disease.

In addition, treating head colds and nasal infections with allopathic medications dries out the mucous membranes, forcing the pathogens to relocate to the sinus cavities where foci can develop.

Aside from causing debilitating symptoms, these foci also can monopolize the body's immune response and hinder its ability to address other infections properly. In acute cases, RICURA drops reactivate the excretion process locally, while the combination of RICURA drops and TOXEX drops promotes excretion in chronic infections, thus demonstrating Reckeweg¥s theory that successfully treating acute symptoms with biological medications will eliminate severe chronic conditions.


Ricura spag. drops | Pekana Homeopathic Remedy


Capsicum annuum 4X infections of breathing passageways
Cinnabaris 8X chronic rhinitis, sinusitis
Kreosotum 6X irritation of nasal tissues
Luffa operculata 6X speeds flow of stagnant secretion
Thuja 6X paranasal infections, sense of smell
Echinacea angustifolia 1X immune stimulant
Plantago major 1X protects ear canals, natural antibiotic
Sanicula europaea 1X paranasal infections

Capsicum annuum 4X treats infections of the breathing passageways and the feeling of general exhaustion. It also addresses systemic intoxification, including bladder infection, that often accompanies rhinitis and sinusitis.

Cinnabaris 8X specifically treats acute and subacute inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, including chronic rhinitis and sinusitis with no obvious symptoms. It also stimulates the mucous membranes of the paranasal sinuses, which enables the body to regulate correctly, resume proper excretion and eliminate the infection.

Kreosotum 6X has a profound effect on the mucous membranes, and eliminates severe inflammation that irritate the nasal tissues. It is an effective disinfectant in treating wounds.

Luffa operculata 6X stimulates the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and paranasal cavities. By speeding the flow of stagnant secretion caused by infections or allergies, it helps alleviate symptoms quickly.

Thuja 6X effectively treats acute and chronic infections of the paranasal cavities accompanied by sinus pressure, headaches and pus-producing infections of the mucous membranes. This herb also helps correct a reduced or lost sense of smell.

Echinacea angustifolia 1X is the classic homeopathic medication for stimulating the body's systemic immune response and treating bacterial and viral infections, including infections of the paranasal cavities.

Plantago major 1X contains unique properties that help protect the ear canals from a spreading infection. In addition it is an effective natural antibiotic.

Sanicula europaea 1X treats infections of the paranasal cavities. This herb has traditionally been used to heal wounds and treat tumors and cancerous processes, which testifies to its efficacy in treating pathogenic developments.



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