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OPSONAT spag. drops| Pekana 
For treatment of inflammation of the mucous membranes and focal infections Stimulates the immune response.*

As a rule, acute or chronic illnesses develop from toxins produced by either clinically-manifested or latent infections, including undiagnosed sinus and dental conditions that cause no obvious symptoms. These infections must be eliminated to restore the body's mucosa to proper working order. Moreover, addressing these infections prevents organs from being continuously overwhelmed by toxins and helps restore proper functioning.*

OPSONAT drops promote healing of focal infections in various organs and stimulate, regulate and clean the blood. This medication also enhances the immune system's ability to eliminate pathogens, including those found in therapy-resistant mycotic infections. Once the terrain is cleared of toxic wastes, OPSONAT drops stimulate the body's own systemic regulation, making true healing possible.*

In addition, OPSONAT drops help detoxify the joints and are indicated for reoccurring chronic ulcerations. Most therapies with this medication should also include apo-HEPAT drops and TOXEX drops.*

OPSONAT spag. drops| Pekana


Nitricum acidum 4X mucous membrane infections
Sulfuricum acidum 4X mucosal inflammation
Bellis perennis 1X injuries, strains, joint rheumatism
Cantharis 4X inflammation, urinary conditions, skin eruptions
Gratiola 4X gastritis, liver function
Hydrastis canadensis 4X chronic inflammation, mucosal infections
Lachesis mutus 7X septic blood conditions, myocarditis
Glechoma hederacea 1X liver/spleen disease, stimulates metabolism

Nitricum acidum 4X is effective in treating all infections of the mucous membranes with accompanying bleeding, as well as general weakness, swollen lymph nodes and an impaired nervous system. It also promotes proper regulation of all organs in the body.

Sulfuricum acidum 4X treats mucosal infections accompanied by bleeding throughout the entire body. It also resolves stomach catarrh and related conditions such as acid anomalies, stomatitis ulcerosa, a swollen liver, intestinal ulcers and hemorrhoids. Exhaustion, weakness, trembling, migraines, painful rheumatism and skin diseases all indicate that the body is not capable of excreting correctly and requires homeopathic-spagyric support.

Bellis perennis 1X is another herb that effectively treats conditions of the mucous membranes. It is also excellent for healing wounds, injuries, strains, dislocations, hematoma and tumors that developed due to injuries. In addition, it helps heal capillary weakness, furuncles, carbuncles and joint rheumatism.

Cantharis 4X is a well known medication for healing urinary tract and kidney conditions, as well as infections found throughout the body. Its broad-based effectivity also extends to bronchitis, pericarditis, periostitis, cystitis, neuritis, skin eruptions, urinary tract and bladder catarrh and adnexitis.

Gratiola 4X handles portal vein and pelvic area problems combined with constipation. This herb also helps heal stomach and intestinal catarrh, gastritis, gastroenteritis and disruptions in liver funct