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     Betsy East and husband, Rusty, live on the family farm in south central Virginia. Once a thriving tobacco farm, the home place is becoming a haven for honey bees. Rusty plants fields with clover and buckwheat.  Betsy continues to expand the flower and herb gardens.  All of these plants give the bees nectar and pollen as well as provide some of the ingredients for the beeswax products.


     Betsy's Bee Stuff came about when Betsy started making lotion bars with the wax collected from her first two hives.  Continued research and experimentation (plus some advice from friends), brought about things like the All Natural Anti-Itch Stick and All Natural Deodorant.  The product line continues to expand as does the herb garden and the number of hives. Late summer 2016 found the Easts owners of 150 hives.  So now they have added selling bees to the list of products. 


    Rusty pastors a small country church with Betsy leading the choir of 3.  They have been on various  foreign mission trips including Honduras.  They enjoy being outside taking care of the farm and upland bird hunting with the current Brittanys, Demon and Taz.  Rocky (Rocket Lady) has recently joined the family. During the summer months they can be found at Danville, VA's Community Farmer's Market on Saturdays selling Betsy's wax products and honey.

Honey, Local

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