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Kava Forte

Kava Forte contains Kava root extracted with 100% water to promote relaxation and calm the nerves.

The compounds in Kava Forte, particularly the kavalactones, work together to traditionally help:

  • Calm the nerves
  • Ease the effects of temporary nervous tension and stress
  • Promote relaxation and sleep
  • Support muscle relaxation*


This tablet contains Kava root extracted with 100% water, which provides an extract with a full spectrum of compounds including kavalactones. This product is standardized to contain 50 mg of kavalactones per tablet to ensure optimal strength and quality.

  • Combines well with Valerian Complex tablets to promote relaxation and encourage sleep.
  • Consider Nevaton Forte or St Johns Wort 1.8g tablets to provide a tonic for the nervous system and ease the effects of occasional stress.
  • Combine with FemCo tablets to ease the effects of everyday tension and stress.
  • Consider Wild Yam Complex tablets to maintain feelings of general well-being/calm the nerves.
  • Consider Adrenal Complex tablets for adrenal support.
  • Consider HiPep tablets to reduce occasional stomach acid secretions.
  • Consider Nervagesic tablets to support relaxation in the nervous system and muscles.*

Kava Forte

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