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The design of Ginkgo Pearls is based on the well-known but rarely used classical remedy, Wuzhuyu Tang (Evodia Decoction). Wuzhuyu Tang is a potent jueyin (Liver and Pericardium) warming remedy from Zhang Zhongjing’s 3rd century formula primer, Treatise on Disorders Caused by Cold (Shanghan lun). It also enters the yangming (Stomach and Large Intestine) channel systems. According to classical principles, it is the jueyin and yangming systems that govern microcirculation in the head area as well as brain chemistry. The function of jueyin is to lift up what needs to go up, while that of yangming is to descend what needs to go down. In the pathological pattern of Wuzhuyu Tang, both the Liver and Stomach are cold and “burned out,” often due to extreme life-style choices such as the long-term use of drugs and pharmaceuticals, and cannot fulfill their respective functions. As a result, foamy substances rise up and clog the orifice to the Heart, and poor circulation in the brain as well as dysfunctional brain chemistry patterns take hold. Typical patients tend to look ashen and suffer in agony. Due to its brain focus, Ginkgo Pearls can be considered to be a companion remedy to Evergreen Pearls, but is generally used for a shorter time and for more acute/intense symptoms. The added herbs make this a signature remedy for stomach related brain disorders, including brain chemistry problems caused by Pericardium/Stomach axis pathology.

Therapeutic Principles

  • Harmonize jueyin channel networks and regulate brain chemistry via the connection of the digestion/brain axis
  • Reverse counterflow of qi due to cold in liver and stomach channel networks; regenerate chronically compromised mucous membranes in stomach, esophagus, tongue/mouth, and nasopharyngeal tract
  • Traverse blood brain barrier, balance compromised brain chemistry and/or imbalances of cerebral glands
  • Deliver an anti-pathogenic effect to the stomach/brain axis

Formula Architecture

吳茱萸 (黃蓮水炒)WuzhuyuEvodia; coptis fried

Wuzhuyu Tang

生姜ShengjiangGinger; fresh

Danshen Yin

(西) 砂仁 (鹽炒)(Xi) SharenAmomum, Myanmar; salt fried
(紅) 百合BaiheLily, red

calm spirit, open Heart orifice, guide formula to Stomach and brain

銀杏葉YinxingyeGinkgo leaf
石菖蒲 (米蒸)ShichangpuAcorus; rice steamed
珍珠粉Zhenzhu FenPearl powder

balance overall warming effect of herbs, drain toxic heat from the marrow and brain

龍膽草 (甘草制)LongdancaoGentiana; licorice cured
大黃 (酒炒)DahuangRhubarb; wine fried

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 3 capsules
Servings per contains: 
Amount per serving: 1500mg

Ginkgo Classical Pearls

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