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Chaihu Jia Longgu Muli Tang

Bupleurum plus Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell Decoction柴胡加龍骨牡蠣湯

General Support:

Chronic, Acute, Cognitive, Mental-Emotional, Neurological, Digestive, Metabolic

Formula Family:

Simultaneously Warming Deficient Yang Qi while Clearing Toxic Heat, Moving with Bupleurum

Organ Systems:

Gallbladder, Liver

Six Stages:

Shaoyang, Taiyang


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Chaihu Jia Longgu Muli Tang was first introduced 1,850 years ago in Zhang Zhongjing’s classical prescription manual, Discourse on Disorders Caused by Cold (Shanghan lun). It represents a famous modification of the more common Xiao Chaihu Tang, with a specific focus on severe mental and neurological disorders. Since the original prescription includes lead, a potent sedating agent yet nowadays also recognized as a toxic heavy metal, this formula is rarely used in China anymore. In Japan, however, a non-lead version of Chaihu Jia Longgu Muli Tang approved by the Ministry of Health is prescribed very frequently. The Classical Pearls version of this formula employs the exact traditional dosage ratios of all ingredients, but naturally follows the Japanese model and does not include lead. Due to the broad clinical range covered by the bupleurum family of formulas, this remedy can be used to treat a wide variety of (generally more severe) digestive and brain chemistry disorders.

Therapeutic Principles

  • Relieve depression by coursing Liver qi and discharging phlegm
  • Clear heat and purge fire pathogen
  • Harmonize yin and yang, anchor and consolidate shen

Formula Architecture 

半夏 (法制)BanxiaPinellia; lime cured10.21%
生薑ShengjiangGinger, fresh7.36%
桂枝 (尖)GuizhiCinnamon twig7.36%
龍骨 (煅制)LongguDragon bone; calcined7.36%
牡蠣 (煅制)MuliOyster shell; calcined7.36%

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 3 capsules
Servings per contains: 
Amount per serving: 1500mg

*Proprietary blend containing pure herbal extracts of:

Bupleurum chinense root (Chaihu), Pinellia ternata rhizome cured (Banxia Fa), Rheum officinale root (Dahuang), Ziziphus jujuba fruit (Dazao), Cinnamomum loureirii twig (Guizhi), Wolfiporia cocos sclerotium (Fuling), Zingiber officinale fresh rhizome (Shengjiang), Codonopsis pilosula root (Dangshen), Scutellaria baicalensis root (Huangqin), Concha Ostreae (Muli), Os draconis (Longgu)

Chaihu Jia Longgu Muli

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