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BOLYM-EX Oral Drops | Pekana

PEKANA recently introduced its new BOLYM-EX spag. oral drops for treating Borrelia symptoms.*


The drops combine 11 synergistic ingredients - including spagyrically processed Avena sativa 4X, Berberis vulgaris 5X, Capsella bursa-pastoris 5X, Daphne mezereum 8X, and Piper methysticum 10X - to help resolve joint inflammation & pain, alleviate severe fatigue, reduce neurological symptoms, relieve neuralgias eliminate uric acid, and detoxify the body by promoting proper excretion and immune function.*


BOLYM-EX spag. oral drops do not represent a standalone therapy or replacement for herbal or pharmaceutical antibiotics. Rather, the drops should be administered in support of a conventional medical or naturopathic treatment to help the body regain its balance.*

Throughout treatment of chronic borreliosis, it is strongly recommended that BOLYM-EX spag. drops be combined synergistically with other powerful PEKANA remedies, appropriate to each patient case.*

BOLYM-EX Oral Drops | Pekana
Spagyric and/or homeopathic preparations of:
Acidum benzoicum    5X
Acidum formicicum    5X
Aristolochia clematis    24X
Asa foetida    5X
Avena sativa spag. Peka    4X
Berberis vulgaris spag. Peka    5X
Calcium phosphoricum    8X
Capsella bursa-pastoris spag. Peka    5X
Galium aparine    5X
Daphne mezereum (Mezereum) spag. Peka    8X
Piper methysticum spag. Peka    10X

Baryta carbonica 8X is a classic treatment for swollen, hardened lymph nodes, often found on the sides of the neck in children. Adenoma frequently appear in the breasts of women, which all too quickly leads to a surgical response because the hardening of the lymph is considered to be malignant. This ingredient reliably eliminates both acute and chronic lymphatic conditions.

Kali iodatum 4X is the ideal choice for treating chronic gland infections and swollen tonsils. It also resolves hardening of the cervical and mesenteric lymph nodes, and prevents development of new swollen lymph nodes. In addition, it regulates the connective tissues with iodine.

Cistus canadensis 3X effectively treats chronic lymphoma and infectious lymphatic conditions, including adenoma. It also helps resolve chronic infections of the skin and intestines.

Conium maculatum 6X is a traditional lymphatic medication that stimulates and activates sluggish lymph nodes. It helps prevent hardening of the lymph glands, and is effective in treating depression, prostatitis, prostata hypertrophy and slowing of the metabolism that accompanies aging and chronic illnesses.

Scrophularia nodosa 3X is useful for treating inflamed, infected and swollen lymph nodes. This herb is also indicated for treating eczema of the face, loose teeth, bleeding gums and development of goiter.

Echinacea angustifolia 1X functions as a first-class immune stimulant that effectively treats infections and all septic conditions of the blood. It also stimulates the production of leukocytes, a key component of the body's defensive system in fighting infections. In addition, this well-known plant neutralizes the effects of toxins released from infected tissues.

Galium aparine 1X is indicated for hardening of the lymph nodes. It helps regulate an exhausted metabolism and addresses pathogenic conditions of the bladder, skin and kidneys. This plant has traditionally been used to treat different forms of cancer, including melanoma.

Juglans regia 1X is classic lymphatic medication that also helps cure liver dysfunction, wet eczema of the skin, herpes and impetigo accompanied by severe itching. It is also helpful in treating congestive headaches that correlate with intestinal dysfunction.


Adults: 15-20 drops 3 times per day directly or in liquid
School Children: 7-10 drops 3 times per day
Small Children: 5 drops 3 times per day


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