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  • Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Kelp Facial Toner, 6 Fl. oz

    Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Kelp Facial Toner hydrates and refines the skin for a more balanced complexion. Made with our powerful marine complex and micronized seal kelp, this toner works with botanicals such as aloe leaf juice, grapefruit extract and witch hazel to balance pH levels and fortify skin. Our 100% vegetarian formula is hypo-allergenic and does not contain any parabens, phthalates or harsh sulfates. It is also not tested on animals. Includes one 6 oz. bottle of Alba Botanica Even Advanced Sea Kelp Facial Toner. At Alba Botanica, our product family constantly evolves alongside health, beauty, and ingredient knowledge and trends. We’re dedicated to making high quality, 100% vegetarian products that overflow with botanical ingredients. Do beautiful – that’s the motto that motivates our body loving products that nourish the skin, hair and, of course, the soul.

  • Powerful marine complex promotes even skin tone
  • Hydrates and refines skin for a balanced complexion
  • No parabens, phthalates, harsh sulfates or animal testing
  • 100% vegetarian ingredients
  • Facial toner with a naturally powerful marine complex featuring micronized sea kelp that balances pH levels and stimulates cell regeneration^Even content and perfectly prepped for optimal moisturization, resulting in a more even toned complexion^Hypo-allergenic way to face the stresses of your day and balance your skin^100% vegetarian, not tested on animals^All natural with no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or artificial colors


Alba Facial Toner-Advanced Sea Kelp

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